Links with the EYFS

The Environment Rating Scales (ERS) can help practitioners to meet the requirements of the EYFS:
The scales focus on the ‘learning environment’ in its broadest sense. Threaded throughout the scales are three over-arching aspects of quality needed for children’s development:

  • Protection of health, safety and basic needs
  • Positive relationships
  • Opportunities for stimulation & active learning
These are the same principles underlying the Early Years Foundation Stage: the EYFS and the Environment Rating Scales are based on the same international research evidence on child development and how it can best be promoted.

Mapping the Environment Rating Scales to the EYFS:
The ERS fully supports the EYFS 2012, and we have produced a series of mapping documents to show the specific links. They are by no means definitive but practitioners and local authorities might find them useful to:

  • Show how the scales can contribute towards meeting EYFS requirements
  • Identify elements of the scales which can support self-evaluation and improvement in each section of the EYFS framework:

  • The prime and specific areas of learning and development
  • The characteristics of effective learning
  • Assessment and the welfare requirements

  • Deepen understanding of both the ERS and the EYFS frameworks, and the important principles underlying them

The EYFS maps can be downloaded here: