Our courses
Self-evaluation training
Our 3, 4 and 5 day courses support delegates in evaluating and improving the quality of their environments and in evidencing change (e.g. to inform the Ofsted SEF). Content can be tailored but core modules include the three prime areas (physical development, communication & language, personal social & emotional development), creating an enabling physical environment and everyday routines. Delegates are supported in the process of improvement within their settings, using the Environment Rating Scales as a framework. Courses are designed with time between sessions to allow delegates to implement changes before returning to share and evaluate experiences with the group.
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Leading and managing quality improvement (LMQI)
This adaptation of the self-evaluation course includes a specific focus on leading quality improvement and engaging staff in the process.

Observation training for mentors
This training prepares local authority advisers and/or lead practitioners to support settings in their self-evaluation and improvement using the ERS.
  • Introductory: our introductory 3 and 5 day courses (covering 1 or 2 scales) include small-group guided observation/s with an experienced trainer and a workshop covering use of the scales for self-evaluation, quality improvement and evidencing change.

  • In-depth and moderation: this training is designed for delegates wishing to extend their expertise in observation and/or to become accurate observers (e.g. when planning to use the scales for audit, research or to measure change in quality over time).

How we operate
The majority of our courses are booked on a whole cohort basis (either by local authorities or by clusters of settings/schools) and delivered locally - we come to you. If you are an individual or would like to book places for a small group of delegates, please do contact us. We often have courses running in different areas and may be able to arrange for you to join an existing cohort. Guided observations are carried out in settings within your local area, which we will support you in arranging.